My name is Brianna. 
I am a personal nutrition & fitness coach.  
My clients are people from all walks of life who have one thing in common: the desire to change their eating habits and optimize their lifestyle.
My coaching services are
- Realistic,
- Sustainable,
- Affordable.
If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then I am sure you want to keep reading!

The future of nutrition & training is personal coaching.

What is the difference between a trainer and a coach?

A trainer is there for 1 hour a few times a week, a coach is there to teach, help, support, pull you out of slumps, give you a kick in the tush when you need it, be your #1 fan when you succeed and have your best interest in mind throughout the entire time!


My goal isn't for you to be my lifetime client; I want to see you succeed, give you the tools to do it on your own, let you go and enjoy this new lifestyle we created together!

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to clothing, why should there be such an approach to health and fitness? The best way to reach your goals & feel amazing in your body is to have a custom-made program that includes easy to follow steps, a coach who cares about your progress and a well designed method that consistently delivers results! If you are looking for a quick-fix or a 30-day challenge, look somewhere else because I do not offer those, I offer a learning and life changing experience.

What are you waiting for? Apply TODAY!

Nutrition is important in more than one way.
- Do you want to get in shape for your wedding?
The answer is nutrition.
- Do you want to lose the baby weight? The answer is nutrition.
- Do you want to sleep better and improve your mood? The answer is nutrition.
- Do you want to feel better in our own skin? The answer is nutrition.
What we eat on a daily basis affects our entire life: from our mood to the way we feel throughout the day, from the way we see ourselves in the mirror to our confidence level, from the way we interact with others to the quality of our sleep. 
I am here to help you become a better YOU.
I am here to teach important lessons about nutrition, how to eat in the best way possible by combining the foods you enjoy the most, what to look for in products at the grocery store, what supplements are worth your money & how to create new healthy habits.
I am here to support, provide guidance & add value to your life!
If you want to experience the best of both nutrition and personalized training, I also offer custom program design for anybody who works out at home or at the gym and I also offer personal training services for clients located in Manhattan.

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