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You have been trying all sorts of diets and challenges over the years.

All you have achieved is temporary results and a few weeks of feeling great.

You are tired of starting all over again…

And you feel like you are never going to reach your goals.

You are not even sure where to begin this time.

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Look at these amazing transformations!


This is Ana.

Together we achieved this amazing results in about 6 months of working together and prepared her for her summer vacation!


This is Anthony.

Together we lost about 40 pounds in less than 9 months. We slimmed down his midsection and were able to achieve all of this while he was working long hours and night shifts.


There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to health & fitness. 

What works for one individual might not work for another one.

Because of a different body, health condition, genetics, work schedule, stress levels and many more factors.

The best way to end frustration and reap the benefits of long-lasting results is to have a coach create a custom-made program for your needs.

Listen to what Carolyn has to say about her nutrition coaching experience!
Working with a coach for 6-18 months will benefit you far more & cost you much than purchasing random programs, products, detoxes and challenges over the course of 10 years and never feeling fully satisfied with any of them.

Random slimming supplements: $50-100
Detox juices a couple of times a year: $200-300
Some challenges you joined: $100-200
An app you never follow through: $15/mo

Experimenting with all of the above for many years...
Sums up to a lot of money and frustrations.



Why choose a personal coach?

A cookie-cutter program does not change your habits, a challenge gives you temporary results, a detox is just a silly fad but a personal coach is there to guide and support you, teach valuable lessons, hold you accountable and give you a kick when you need it.


I coach people from all walks of life who have one thing in common: the desire to change their body composition, improve their eating habits and optimize their lifestyle.

My coaching packages are always:

- Fully personalized,

- Sustainable,

- Affordable.


If you are a woman & you are on my website, chances are that you are interested in health & fitness.


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