​My name is Brianna.

A certified personal trainer & nutrition coach.


I work both online and in-person with clients who have different needs: losing weight, gaining muscle mass, improving nutrition habits, getting stronger, preparing for a competition and so on.

My expertise in sports nutrition, strength training, conditioning and mindset coaching allows me to transform people: body & mind.


Training & nutrition are continuously changing fields. 

I keep my knowledge up-to-date by constantly completing new courses, researching, reading and practicing what I learn.


Expanding my knowledge is my full-time career in order to guarantee the best results to my clients.


A great coach never stops learning.

Here are a few fun facts about me:
- I am the proud dog mom of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Charlie.

- I was born in Bulgaria, raised in Italy.

- I used to be an extreme introvert.

- I enjoy strength training because it helps me feel better mentally.

- I am very creative and I enjoy playing the piano, singing, writing.

- I have a lot of tattoos and all of them have a deep meaning to me.

Want to know what got me into fitness and what my personal story is?

Listen to this podcast I was a guest on: CLICK HERE

This is my own personal transformation.
I lead by example.

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transformation 2.jpg