Training Program + Meal Plan 

This is a monthly meal plan coaching service including:

  1. Initial phone call & assessment.

  2. Three-day food log analysis.

  3. Goal determination and breakdown.

  4. Custom Meal Plan based on your caloric needs (renewed every 2 weeks).

  5. Grocery list based on each meal plan.

  6. Custom training program you can easily follow along.

  7. Availability for daily check-ins.

  8. Weekly progress tracking check-in and follow-up.

  9. Daily accountability, guidance, and support from your coach.


You will also receive a PDF manual with

  • Meal prep tricks and options with a step-by-step guide.

  • Grocery store strategies.

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle tips for success.

  • Supplement evaluation and recommendations.

Price: $200/mo. with a minimum 3-month commitment.

*discounts available for full upfront payments, continuing a previous package, couples/partners (same household and nutrition preferences).

Who is this service most suitable for?

You do not need any experience to follow the easy steps, you will learn a lot about eating healthy and listening to your own body’s cues during our time working together and you will get a chance to develop new habits and put them in practice. 

Recommended for beginner, intermediate and advanced clients (athletes included).

How should I proceed with signing up?

1. Click the CHECKOUT button below and you will be redirected to a page where you can complete your first monthly payment.
2. Once your payment has been received, please allow up to 12-48 hours to receive an email response and set up a phone call.

3. Following the phone call, you will receive an email with the submission forms you have to fill out. 
4. From then, your meal plan will be designed and delivered to you on the date agreed upon via phone/email.