I need to know more about your current eating habits before we start working together. I would need to see a three-day food log from you: here are the instructions for it.

What does that mean?

I need you to write down everything you eat/drink for THREE full days: TWO of these will be sample days that represent your work and/or training days; ONE of these will be a sample day that represents your day off work/training.




Here is what information to include:

- What day are you logging: workday or an off day,

- What is your activity level that day: training or not training,

- All of your meals/drinks,

- What time you had your meals/drinks,

- What foods and how much did you have of them (cups, serving sizes, ounces, grams, handfuls or whatever measurement system for you to give me an idea of your food intake).


Remember to include all types of drinks, besides water, especially energy drinks or fancy coffee/lattes, as well as any protein shakes or bars you have during the day (include brand names, if possible). Please be honest in this form and as close as possible to your daily eating habits without altering foods that you would usually have or their quantities. I need to have a real insight into your current way of eating, whatever it might be.


Where are you going to make this three-day food log?

- You can write it on a note on your phone;

- You can write it on a Word document or a notepad;

- You can write it on a piece of paper;

- You can screenshot each day of your food tracking app if you are already using one.


Whichever one you choose, please make sure you include all of the important information and it is easy to read/understand.

Example of a food log for one day on a notepad document:


Thu Nov 28th. Workday. Training in the morning.


Breakfast, 7 am.

Eggs - 2

Toast - 1 slice

Butter - 1 tbsp

Milk - 0.5 cup

Coffee - 1 cup

Sugar - 1 Tsp


Snack, 10 am.

Protein bar - One bar, Birthday cake flavor.


Lunch, 1 pm.

Salad with chicken, candied walnuts, blue cheese dressing.


Snack, 4 pm.

Apple - 1


Dinner, 8 pm.

Chicken breast - 1 large

Sweet potato - Half

Broccoli - 4oz

Apple juice - 1 cup