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Personalized macros

Basic nutrition & Lifestyle tips

This is a 6-week science-based nutrition coaching service including:

  1. Initial assessment.

  2. Food intake analysis.

  3. Goal determination and breakdown.

  4. Personalized Energy Intake.

  5. Meal prep tips, tricks, and options with a step by step guide.

  6. Grocery store tips & strategies.

  7. Nutrition and Lifestyle tips for success.

  8. Supplement evaluation and recommendations.

  9. One email check-in with progress tracking and evaluation.

  10. Accountability, direction, and support.

How will this work after you contact me?

1. Once you click sign up on the bottom of the page, you will be redirected to a submission form you are going to fill out. You are going to need a tape measure and 5-10 minutes to fill it out. Press Submit at the end.

2. Once I have received your submission form, I will review it, email you back with further instructions.

3. We will have ONE weekly check-in via e-mail where you will send your current measurements, pictures, any possible questions you might have for me.

                     Please, understand that this process takes time, so if you contact me on Sunday afternoon and expect us to have a plan for success by Monday morning, this might not be enough time for proper assessments and strategy planning. I want to help you succeed as much as you want to achieve your goals so I need time to make sure our plan is on point!

Who is this package most suitable for?

You do not need any experience to follow the easy steps, you will learn a lot about nutrition and your own body during our time working together and you will get a chance to learn everything you need from me. 

Recommended for intermediate and advanced clients (athletes included).

Price:  send an inquiry email.

           *20% discount if you sign up for a consecutive package.

          Payment via PayPal.