Confident enough in the quality of your way of eating, your mindset, consistency and determination but not sure about your exact macros? I would be glad to calculate them for you!

What is included in this service?

  1. Initial assessment.

  2. Goal determination and breakdown.

  3. Personalized Energy Intake and Macronutrient Split.

  4. Quick macro tracking guide.

How will this work after you contact me?

1. Once you click sign up on the bottom of the page, you will be redirected to a submission form you are going to fill out. You are going to need a tape measure and 5-10 minutes to fill it out. Press Submit at the end.

2. Once I have received your submission form, I will review it, email you back with further questions.

3. Once I have all of the detailed information to calculate your calories and macronutrient split, I will email it to you.

Who is this service most suitable for?

You have experience tracking your own food intake but you feel lost because all of the online calculators out there gave you a different amount of calories and you are not sure how to split your macros between protein, carbohydrates and fats. You feel confident that you can do it on your own if you only had well calculated calories and macros. Your goals can range from fat loss to muscle gain or body recomposition.

Price:  $25.

          Payment via PayPal.

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