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My Nutrition Lesson on Grocery shopping

Most of us happen to visit a grocery store every once in a while, right? Especially if you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you are most likely visiting it once a week if not more! (I'd say once a week is the best option but we are only human and forget things sometimes)

So what can we do to make sure we enter the grocery store and leave it without buying foods that won't help us achieve our goals and without feeling deprived?

Here are some tips I have for you:

#1. Try to do the groceries after a meal: if your belly is full, you most likely won't be tempted to buy that piece of candy by the register or some chips to snack on!

#2. Whenever you see a food you are tempted by, stop, take a second and think about why you are you tempted by it? Maybe it's because you have an emotional connection to it, was it something that your mom use to buy you as a treat and you associate it with comfort? Maybe you haven't eaten enough today and find most sweet/starchy foods really tempting right now. Maybe you are stressed out and looking for any sort of comfort. Stop, think and put the food down!

#3. Avoid the middle aisles: this is where most processed and junk foods usually stay. You want to head for the fresh vegetables section, stop by the meat and dairy section, make a stop to grab some fizzy water or a rotisserie chicken, at most some frozen fruits and veggies to stock up the fridge and head out of there. Nothing good stays in the middles aisles...besides mustard and hot sauce!

#4. If you crave something that bad, just try to buy the smallest size of it, go home and plan your day tomorrow so you can have it earlier in the day. Let's say you are really craving some chips and none of the healthy alternatives satisfy your craving, then buy the smallest package of chips you can find and tomorrow make sure you get a good workout in and then have some chips, enjoy them, call it a day and don't feel guilty about anything because you made a conscious decision and you are an adult!

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