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Training Services

Custom Training Program

Follow an easy training routine.
Maximize the time you spend training.
Reach your goals and make visible results.

How does it work?
 - You will fill out a quick initial assessment questionnaire and tell me about yourself: current level of training, schedule, available equipment, future goals and what gets you excited at the gym.
 - I will review your submission and email you back to discuss any further details I might need to know from you.
 - After discussing everything, I will start working on your custom made training program.
 - You will have the possibility of sending me video form checks throughout the duration of the program.


The training program:
 - 8 weeks of training split into as many days as your schedule allows you to train (1x, 2x...5x weekly).
 - Will take into account your current level of training, injuries and future goals.
 - Will be designed for the amount of time & equipment you have available: commercial gym, Crossfit gym, home gym. 
 - Will be emailed all of once in a PDF file that is easy to open from your phone, tablet, computer and it includes hyperlinks with exercise form.

Are you located in Manhattan? I have two add-on options for you: 
     a) In-Person Week 1: during the first week of your custom made program, we will go through every workout together. This will help you learn proper form and cues. (extra fee applies)
     b) Full In-Person Package: we will go through the entire program together. You won't have to check or write down anything, I will be doing that for you, as well as watching over your form, load and effort throughout the entire workout in the convenience of your gym. (extra fee applies)


Personal Training

If your building is equipped with a gym and you would love to take advantage of this commodity in the most efficient way, I offer one-on-one training services.

How does in-person training work?
 - You will fill out a quick initial assessment questionnaire and tell me about yourself.
 - I will review your submission and contact you via email or phone to discuss any further details.
 - After establishing your goals and going over your personal needs, schedule and the type of training you are interested in, we will set up a first training session.

Interested in purchasing a custom package of training sessions or small group training?
Send an email to with an inquiry.

Great quality services at competitive prices compared to other trainers because some care about your wellbeing more than others.