Training Programs

Custom Training Program Design


The best results are achieved by following a well-designed training protocol: it is usually calculated to reach a specific goal without burning you out, it minimizes time spent training and maximizes your results.

I design training programs that are:

Customized to your level

Geared towards achieving your goals

Easy to follow and use the equipment you have available

4 weeks training + 1 week deload



First-time payment: $100

Following monthly subscription: $80


Clients are highly encouraged to send form check videos and ask questions at any time.

How should I proceed with signing up?

1. Click the CHECKOUT button below and you will be redirected to a page where you can complete your payment.
2. Once your payment has been received, please allow up to 12-48 hours to receive an email response and set up a phone call.

3. Following the phone call, you will receive an email with the submission forms you have to fill out. 
4. From then, your training program will be designed and delivered to you on the date agreed upon via phone/email.