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My biggest passion after nutrition & health is training, specifially program design.

As a Personal Trainer and the only certified Menno Henselmans Bodybuilding specialist on the East Coast who finished her course of studies with honors, I pride myself in creating the most effective custom programs for my clients! Whether you want to train together in person all the time or simply want to follow a tailor-made program on your own and have me supervise your progress, I guarantee you strength & physique goals.

Custom Training Program Design

Follow an easy training routine.
Maximize the time you spend training.
Reach your goals and make visible results.

Send form check videos as much as you want.

Submit weekly progress check-ins.

Have your strength and physique progress analyzed.

How does it work?
 - You will fill out a quick initial assessment questionnaire and tell me about yourself: current level of training, schedule, available equipment, future goals and what gets you excited at the gym.
 - I will review your submission and email you back to discuss any further details I might need to know from you.
 - After discussing everything, I will start working on your custom made training program.

The training program:
 - Will be 12 weeks long and split into as many days as your schedule allows you to train (1x, 2x...5x weekly).
 - Will take into account your current level of training, injuries and future goals.
 - Will be designed for the amount of time & equipment you have available: commercial gym, Crossfit gym, home gym. 
 - Will be emailed to you at the beginning and after 6 weeks, this means the program will take you through two separate training cycles.
- Will be in an easy to open from any device or print PDF format and it will includes hyperlinks with exercise form.

Are you located in Manhattan? I have two add-on options for you: 
     a) In-Person Week 1: during the first week of your custom made program, we will go through every workout together. This will help you learn proper form and cues. (extra fee applies)
     b) Full In-Person Package: we will go through the entire program together. You won't have to check or write down anything, I will be doing that for you, as well as watching over your form, load and effort throughout the entire workout in the convenience of your gym. (extra fee applies)


Personal Training

If your building is equipped with a gym and you would love to take advantage of this commodity in the most efficient way possible, personal training is the best way to go! With a 1-on-1 training sessions you get full access to a custom made program without having to check it, write down your progress, take form check videos or worry about getting bored or feeling less motivated because I will be in charge of all of that for you! You will go through a initial consultation and training session where I will evaluate the way your body moves, we will both decide if we are the right fit for each other and, if that is the case, I will go ahead and create the best training protocol for you to achieve your goals and be there during each training session.

A few things to keep in mind:

 - I am reliable so expect me to arrive 5-10 minutes early for our session.

 - I am professional so expect me to stay off my phone unless I am filming you or checking your program.

 - I am friendly so expect me to smile and make jokes :)

 - I expect of you to treat me with the same respect I treat everybody else. If you have to cancel a session, please go ahead and do so with as much advance notice as you can (emergencies exlcuded). 

How does in-person training work?
 - You will fill out a quick initial assessment questionnaire and tell me about yourself.
 - I will review your submission and contact you via email or phone to discuss any further details. This makes sure our initial consultation together is more about the way your body moves and everything else that is important, not paperwork.
 - During our initial consultation together there will be a conversation about you, an assessment of the way your body moves, what you'd like to achieve and work on together, a quick and effective workout.

 - Personal Training sessions are purchased in packages only. After the first initial consultation and session, we will discuss that topic.

Interested in purchasing a custom package of small group training sessions?
Send an email to with an inquiry.


"The program Brianna designed for me was easy to follow and very effective, I could see my muscles getting bigger in a matter of weeks!"

- Sean C.

Lots of Fun

"Each session is challenging and fun, I can tell I've made progress because Brianna always informs me of my new PRs and I've been getting compliments at work."

- Andrea G.

Wife is loving it

"The exercise order is great, the selection is perfect too. My wife is loving the chest density!"
- Jon D.


"I've tried so many new exercises I've never tried before! I never knew I could do so many things and be good at them! Empowering feeling!!"
- Steve A.

Toned Up!

"I've been having so much fun following a program that incorporates what I love with what I need to work on."
- Marie Y.

Abs in my future

"I asked Brianna for a custom made ab training program, I am on week 6 and the results so far are great! I see abs in my future :)"
- Andrew P.

Stronger than ever

"If you are looking to make some strength gains and sick of feeling lost at the gym, get yourself a custom program! I can now do 7 pull-ups at 46 years of age"

- Ellie L.

You are in good hands

"I have years of experience under my belt and I needed a different perspective on training and something fun, challenging that didn't take up too much of my free time to create on my own because I want to focus on my career and kids. I can say I got what I was looking for and more! Very knowledgeable!"
- Sal M.

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